Native menu stops everything

We have a problem with the native OSX menu, when one of the menus is open it stops all drawing in the windows, including openGL components.

You can also see this in the Multithreading demo in the Juce demo app. When you set the menu to OSX native and then open a menu all the balls stop moving.

Anything we can do about this? It’s very annoying ;-(

Also, when you press and hold down a button (or any other component) the drawing slows down dramatically, you can also see this behavior in the multithreaded balls demo, just click and hold anywhere in the window and the balls animations get really choppy.

It is annoying - it’s because of the way you have to track the mouse on the mac. Actually, I suspect that zamrate’s mac timer hack (that he suggested for plugins) might sort this out.

And you want me to try that for you, or are you going to fix it?

I’ve still not had time to try it myself, but will probably go with his suggestion if it doesn’t break anything else.