Native parameter automation menu in FL Studio

i noticed that when right-clicking on parameters in Fabfilter plugins in FL Studio, the native parameter automation popup menu would come up:

for Fabfilter plugins, it only seems to work for VST3 flavours (not VST2 or AU). i’m aware of JUCE’s getControlParameterIndex but that’s only for AAX plugins, and indeed doesn’t work for VST3 when i tried it.

is there another way to enable this functionality in JUCE that i’m missing?

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Did you get anywhere with this? I recently had a FL Studio user ask me if it could be added to my plugins, I assumed it’s some kind of FL specific extension that needs to be added, but couldn’t find any information about it.

i think i found the relevant API in the VST SDK, but didn’t have time to test it. pretty sure it’s not implemented in JUCE.


So where in the VST3 wrapper would be the right place to add this? Is there a way to access IComponentHandler from a JUCE PluginEditor?