Native view question

I’m trying to incorporate the Ableton Link kit in one of our products, and I’m having a hell of a time getting the Link settings window to spawn. There are a couple other threads here that touch on the subject, but is there, somewhere, a clear example of triggering a UIViewController from within the Editor? I was looking at the BlueTooth MIDI window spawn, which seems to be exactly what I need, but I’m having a difficult time dissecting it, having only a passing familiarity with Obj-C.

If someone could just aim me in the right direction, that’d be sweet. Or if you’ve integrated Link in an iOS standalone and are willing to sell your code, I’ll be certainly happy to buy it.

I don’t really know much anything about iOs development, but Juce does have the UIViewComponent class , maybe that could be useful? “An iOS-specific class that can create and embed an UIView inside itself.”

The Bluetooth MIDI window is an excellent place to start. What’s not working?

I see how to do it in general, something like this:

controller = [[ABLLinkSettingsViewController alloc] init];
nativeSelectorComponent.setView ([controller view];
addAndMakeVisible (nativeSelectorComponent);


But when I include the ABLLinkSettingsViewController.h file, the whole thing comes un-spun, all kinds of deep NSstuff warnings. I’ve changed PluginEditor.cpp to .mm. Do I also need to include all the subtypes (NSView, etc.) that it needs?

Does Link require additional frameworks or other dependencies?

Just this:

#import <UIKit/UIKit.h>
#import "ABLLink.h"

If I just include ABLLink, it’s fine and I can instance it and whatever. But (other than the settings view) it is entirely written in C, so that’s neither here nor there.