Need a Piano Virtual Instrument built


We need help to build a piano virtual instrument which will allow MIDI controllers to play piano, and hear the piano through their computer. This needs to be integrated with an existing PC and Mac Software. We have developers that can help with the integration. Extensive MIDI knowledge is also preferred.


I would be interested in hearing what you have in mind! I designed and built a host of libraries, both orchestral and basses. I also sampled the Bluthner Digital Model One Grand Piano at Skywalker Sound.
Best from Seattle,
Dan Dean


Hi Dan,
We have this project on hold at the moment. We will probably want to
revisit this in a couple of months. In the mean time, do you have any
samples of you work we can check out?


Joel Shifflet


Hi Joel,

Here is a site where there are some demos of the Bluthner Digital Model One. I asked some of my musical friends to create some interesting examples.



Thanks for sending this over. I’m hopeful that sometime this year we will
be ready to integrate a great sounding piano library to Piano Marvel.

Thanks for keeping in touch.

Joel Shifflet


Hi Joel,

Looks like a great product! Let me know if I can be of assistance!



I did put up a physically modelled piano synth a while back

I worked from Smith&Jaffe’s Extended Karplus Strong algorithm – I’ve only implemented the first 60% or so of the paper, so there’s a lot of fine-tuning I could add.

Happy to muck in if it is of any value.