Need C++ version of ZLib :-)

So, Beast ( needs an implementation of ZLib for its WebSocket module. Beast is header-only so it needs to be in good clean C++ (the kind we like). I saw Juies’ wonderful presentation on refactoring ZLib from C to C++ so where can I get this code?

FYI Jules I went in a different direction. I wrote a new decompressor from scratch using the existing ZLib code as inspiration. I solved the “bit buffer” problem differently, I don’t use exceptions. It required a deeper refactoring and changing logic. See:


Hey Vinnie, good to have you visit us again!

And nice work on the decompressor! I’ve just been too busy to ever find time to finish my version off and test it thoroughly enough to release it - maybe one day…

Any chance it’s been released yet? I don’t particularly need to use it, but I’d love to see it for educational purposes.

vinnie’s github links are still valid… were you talking about Jules’ version?

Yeah, I meant Jules’ refactored version that he gave that talk about.

Sorry, I never had time to go back and finish that code!