Need part-time remote coding help/tutoring

I’m a programmer looking for some part-time remote help in building parts of an all-platform JUCE application. Having spent too much time experimenting without a clue, and having little time to continue learning haphazardly, I’d prefer to ask someone “show me how do I do this” or “please do this” than keep stumbling along as I have. In other words, I need an experienced JUCE programmer who can implement (mostly isolated & small) functions/algorithms/modules, explain your code, help me structure my program better from your experience, and also answer/tutor me as the need arises. This is a from-scratch rewrite of a C++ Windows education app I wrote a decade ago; it utilizes MIDI and realtime audio processing and sound generation plus basic GUI/data representation — and a little of everything else that JUCE offers, likely. I’m near Chicago, so please consider that we need at least a little overlap time to talk by Skype once or twice a week, weekdays or weekends, with email communication the rest of the time. I am guessing 5-10 hours/week for a few weeks will get my project back on track, although once started we may find more or less time to be enough. Please reply, or email lyle at vaden dot com. Thank you!