Nested menus crashes Demorunner

I recently updated from Juce 6 to 7, develop branch. Now my submenus won’t work anymore.

It turns out the same thing happens in Demorunner when clicking a nested menu. See pic to recreate crash somewhere in Component::internalMouseUp in call to MouseListenerList::sendMouseEvent

I’m on windows 11, debug mode, visual studio 2022, latest develop as per today.

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Just writing in to confirm this is happening on MacOS 12.6.1 as well.

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Bisected to GUI: Ensured that mouse listeners are still called even if the origin… · juce-framework/JUCE@f2de0f1 · GitHub introducing the bug


Was also reported here…

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And fixed in Component::MouseListenerList: Fix bad access · juce-framework/JUCE@c1f3d30 · GitHub

It’s interesting to note that the fix was pushed yesterday but in the git log the commit is dated to Nov 4th, several days before both this bug report and @ttg’s issue on GitHub.

A combination of CI downtime (both on our side and on GitLab’s) and the weekend delayed us getting the fix out.

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