Nested Viewports

Should I be able to have viewports inside viewports? Currently it isn’t working, if the viewed component of the inner viewport is bigger then instead of displaying scrollbars, the outer viewport will display scrollbars, as though the outer viewport is sensing it’s own viewed component has become bigger.

I’ll try and describe my hierarchy with pseudo code:

Concertina Panel -> AddPanel(MidiLaneWindow : viewport)

MidiLane->AddChildAndMakeVisible(GridParent : ViewPort)

I want MidiGrid to be able to expand into GridParent but currently all GridParent does is scissor MidiGrid, whereas MidiLaneWindow expands

I’ve since managed to fix it, just needed to look at it with fresh eyes. it turns out my midi grid wasn’t aware of how big it was as i wasnt setting the size of it’s bounds to encase all of my drawing.