.NET 2003 and TabbedComponent

Hi everybody !

I’m trying to use the TabbedComponent and the basic tab with .NET2003. Unfortunately, as soon as I call the addTab function to add the basic tab to the TabbedComponent, the app crashes with an rtii error - it seems not to appreciate the dynamic cast getparentComponent -.

Any ideas ?

BTW, is there a patch to only compile the audio part, for example ? I’m thinkin of using Qt for the GUI, but I don’t know if the audio part needs some initialisation at the start of the application.

Nobody ?

Hello Miles :wink: I hope you will get and answer…

Me too…
The code is available here : http://matthieu.brucher.free.fr/audio_video_recorder.rar

As i say in AudioFanzine forum, the option “/GR” must be activate

(in VS.NET 2003 francais : “Propriété de configuration” -> “C/C++” -> “Langue”)