Network enable notes

something like google notes, only in juce and it doesn’t use google notes, but a simple php script to store the notes.

the idea is to have a notepad that sits in your tray
answers to a global hotkey (a nasty win32 hack for juce didn’t do it yet for other platforms)
periodicly checks the server if perhps something chaned (the local notes or the remote ones)
and that’s it i needed something like this and no notepad i found (and i tried a lot of them) had all theese features, or it did and looked like it was made for win3.11

so anyway - you can register there, and keep your notes on this server i will add the PHP later to the repos

the source is here

icons from, i forgot to enable the notes download but i will update it asap.

and once again i thank to Jules and all of you for the help.

Nice one! Thanks for sharing!

just quickly setup a place for all those not-very-well-done tools of mine :slight_smile:

i love the IM domain, i though it was instant messaging and it’s the Isle of Man.