New AudioPluginFormat documentation


I am passing my code from 4.1 to 4.2, and I am trying to understand the way new AudioPluginFormat classes works.
More particularly, createPluginInstance function that is now passing a callback function to me, and requiresUnblockedMessageThreadDuringCreation which is also pure virtual but its name did not help me understand what it means (I had a look on VST3 implementation, but it simplu returns false).

Can you please try to make it clearer, as documentation is pretty poor about it.



You shouldn’t have to change anything to use that new callback function unless you’re hosting AUv3 plugins.


I am actually writing my own plugin format. Until 4.1 I had to override createInstanceFromDescription function and return plugin instance.
In 4.2, this function is not virtual at all, and instead, createPluginInstance is pure virtual.
What I did is simply like JUCE did for VST3PluginFormat, which is to call the callback function that it gets as argument but I would like to understand things I am doing, and not just blindly copy-paste.

Thanks for help


OK, well you don’t need to do much, just call the callback synchronously. You can probably see that being done in the other non-AUv3 plugin type classes

Thank you

ay I ask what synchronously means in this context?


I mean you call the callback directly from the method that creates a plugin instance, rather than calling it asynchronously later.