New Demo Format

Since some time ago, the JUCE demos have a new format.
I think the change came around JUCE 5.3

I have to admit: I am missing the old way.

Nowadays, the demos consists of one big .h file.
Previously there were several files.

For example the Audio Plugin Demo.
Previously it had several files:

Nowadays, there is only one big file. The new file is simply called:

I find it harder to read this big AudioPluginDemo.h. Because it is lenghty. And you do not see right away, if you are readig stuff from the processor or the editor.

Is it possible to get back the old way?

All of the old releases of JUCE are available to download from GitHub here - Versions prior to 5.3 have the old examples format so you can copy them over from there (although obviously they won’t be up to date).

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The PIP format indeed prefers portability of readability.
just making sure,
you do know that once saved it inflates to “the old” format right?

Ah, it does? Thanks, was not aware :slight_smile:
I have to admit: I was just browsing the code to see, how things are done in the demos. I did not actually run the AudioPluginDemo.