New feature idea: standard icons

I was looking through the JUCE classes tonight looking for a standard set of resource icons/images. I thought perhaps there might be a way to obtain an image of some standard icons, such as open, save, cut, paste, green checkmark, red X, delete, exclamation point, question mark, etc. If this does already exist, please point me to the class.

If not, might I suggest maybe something along the lines of:

Image ImageCache::getInternal( ImageCache::questionMark ); Image ImageCache::getInternal( ImageCache::openFolder );

No! For a start, images are the wrong thing to use for icons these days: vector graphics are the way to do handle these things, not bitmaps. And ImageCache would definitely be the wrong place for something like that, for many reasons! There are already a couple of things like ticks and crosses in the LookAndFeel.

Not sure why Jules didn’t mention the public domain icon set he used in the JUCE Demo.

They are pretty great and include vector formats.

Thanks for that. Combined with the LookAndFeel class which I had previously overlooked is great information to have.