New forum opinion


I’ve enabled “force syntax highlighting” now… Should work for most languages.


I think the most useful feedback will come after a few days once we’ve all got familiar with the new setup. Otherwise it’s going to be hard to separate “annoying because it’s different” from “annoying because it’s annoying”.

My eyes sure would appreciate a dark theme.

Nice to see the old bar which used to keep scrolling into view has been fixed now.

It is a pity I’ve lost my old username (pi) … Looks like I need 3 characters.



Any way we can change our usernames on this new platform? The way mine looks on the new platform looks kinda gross (underscores + capital + lowercase). It was possible to do on the old forums (which was an odd feature I haven’t seen elsewhere).

Also, as pi said, a dark theme would be nice, and like yfede said the font readability is kinda meh (doubly for the documentation). Additionally, sometimes it seems that buttons hover highlight to be the same color as the text inside them which is strange. It also seems like there’s a lot of testing junk still lying around (topics, sections, etc). Otherwise, I personally really like this new platform. I don’t know where the mobile complaints are coming from, I tried it on my iPhone and it’s wonderful.

EDIT: It seems that overnight my profile and last few posts got reset/deleted. Ugh.


I’ve changed the settings so you should be able to change your username now.

When we had the old forum, everyone moaned about the dark theme! It’s basically impossible to please everyone! Most people do seem to dislike the font though (not sure why, I quite like it myself…) so we’ll maybe think about changing that.


looks like something is messing up the API page CSS


That happened because of a “false start” with the new forum yesterday night, mentioned by jules here: Welcome to the new forum and JUCE 4.2


Maybe two themes could be provided and each user may choose which one to use?


Don’t think it supports that AFAIK


Ah sorry, I confused that with the “Language” setting while quickly updating my profile details.
I saw a combo and automatically thought “cool, multiple themes”. My fault!


My desire for a dark theme would be if the site could support multiple themes, rather than radically changing the design for everyone. The white doesn’t bother me too much since at night I use f.lux to prevent eyestrain from bright colors.

Sadly, I think it’s hard to please everyone because we’re a bunch of programmers who get stuck in our ways and complain either way. Think like when Facebook was changing the user home page every so often and the whole world would complain for a month and then accept it. We see the flaws with the old things and complain about how we think they could be done better, then when they change based on our feedback we see the smallest details that are wrong (in a still changing platform) and continue complaining.

Like I said, I think overall this new forum is a massive upgrade to the early-2000’s look of the old one.


One thing I would definitely recommend is that dates include the year.

I searched for a post and did not know what year it was from.

A jump list does not solve the problem of navigating. Maybe making it full width is what I am missing. Heck I have a high res monitor and the forum is only using half the screen

Am I missing something?


I think that the year is not mentioned when the post is in the current year. For older posts, you get Month and 'year, for example Dec '13 (but, I agree, that’s easily misunderstood for 13th December rather than December 2013)


Thanks, that explains the year confusion although I wish it were obvious.


The font sucks :slight_smile: Too thin and big?


Better in Helvetica, or Open Sans?? e.g.

The good news is that image paste is GREAT :slight_smile:


Yeah, the font seems to be top of the “moan list”! We hear you…


Probably looks great on the right retina macbook :wink: But on my old cinema display it’s super-fuzz and thin with a lot of the verticals being antialiased into a blur! Not sure whether the screenshot will do the effect justice, but as it’s easy now to paste one in:


Actually I like it the way it is, font and color scheme. Some things to get used to, but I trust in our abilities…
Just missing the tags, eventually instead of the categories. Doesn’t need to be creatable by everyone, it could start a hash-tag-mania, but tags like “MultiBus”, or “OSC” or “MIDI events” would help to sort things faster…


Nice work as usual! My congratulations to all Juce/Roli people.
Of course, something flaws has to be pruned, but happy to belong to this community!



Ok my 2 cents:

  • overall more “modern”, but do we care ?
  • Don’t really care about the font, but Bazrush’s remarks (among others) seem reasonable
  • I hate the … in the dropdown menus, there should be enough room to list the complete submenu titles. That would be my main criticism
  • I will answer my own post (this one) when I use this more and find other relevant issues