New idea for a IDE

what do you think could this work for C++ ? I think i like this idea.

I think it’s a good idea, but like someone’s comment under the video:
"i just want to see 300 classes displayed in that stuff "
Maybe we could build a faster one based on jules’ code editor component! (this bubble ide is based on eclipse…)

yeah i see how a IDE like that could be built nicely in JUCE for JUCE. 300 classes, well propably with all those virtual workspaces you could manage even more. I wonder if you can build custom UIs for VS, having that debugger/compiler/intellisense and a UI like that could be fun.

I like this idea very much, I always felk like I wanted to “join” together or cross-reference parts of code that were related one to the other, although (correctly) positioned in different files.
I don’t think that handling 300 classes at once would be a problem, you could cluster bubbles according to the task they perform.
Something very positive that comes from this design, in my opinion, is that you keep focused on all the parts of code involved in implementing some particular feature, thus reducing the risk of leaving something behind, that causes a bug.