New install, "Open in XCode" grayed out

I’m bringing up a new dev machine. OSX 10.8.2, Xcode 4.5.2, command line tools installed. Downloaded the prebuilt Introjucer and let it update modules. I also performed the incantations from adfernandes’ post in the “AU under XCode 4.4” thread.

Creating a new audio plugin project, I have “Build AudioUnit” and “Plugin wants midi input” options enabled, appropriate stuff in the name and descriptions fields.

The “[Save Project and] Open in Xcode…” buttons are both disabled. Any ideas?

Does an XCode export exist?


I don’t know what you mean by an XCode export.

Exporter = target

Choose Config and you can see what targets exist for the project. In the example below, there’s only a VS2010 target. To add another one, right click on the project name…


My Introjucer (3.0.0) looks nothing like that. In particular, there’s no tab bar between the menu bar and the panes, and poking around the menus yields nothing like a Config option. I’ve had this working on another machine without needing to explicitly create new targets.

ETA: Ah, okay, found it – had to scroll down below the Modules section in the settings pane to find “Export Targets”. Thanks.

Ah, you’ve got the old version then. I’m working with a build from what was the latest tip on GitHub last week.