New Juce-based Plugin released - ValhallaShimmer

Hi everyone:

I just released my first commercial plugin, ValhallaShimmer:

The plugin uses Juce for the GUI and all cross-platform functionality. OSX VST, AU, RTAS currently available, including demos you can find on the website. The Windows versions will be in a week or so, as I need to fix some bugs (DSP bugs related to my vector library - the Juce code seems to be working well at this point on the Windows side).

Thanks to Jules et al for all the help I’ve received on the forum. If you have any generic questions on Juce-type things I’m doing in the plugin, feel free to ask.

Sean Costello

Lovely stuff!

Just thought I should mention that I currently have ValhallaShimmer available for 6, count 'em, 6 plugin formats:

  • OSX Audio Unit (32-bit)
  • OSX Audio Unit (64-bit)
  • Windows VST (32-bit)
  • Windows VST (64-bit)

I’m figuring out the Windows RTAS issues right now. Having to use VisualStudio 2005 for RTAS kinda sucks. VS2010 for the 32 and 64 bit VST plugins worked like a charm. The 64-bit AU was a bit tricky, but there is a thread in the Audio Plugins forum that helped me to resolve my issues.

Sean Costello