New JUCE based plugin released

Is it cool to show off what we’ve made on the forum?

12 years a juce developer and here is my first plugin released under my own brand. RP2A03 is an emulation of the sound chip from the Nintendo Entertainment System. It’s the emulation code from here (, wrapped up into a VST plugin.

You can get it here:

Github here:


I think it’s cool to see what’s being made with JUCE :slight_smile:

Absolutely. I find it always inspiring, what is possible with juce. And from a social aspect, I’m happy to know, what folks are up to!

In case people think different, maybe the mods can provide a category for that?

Cool plugin, I’d like to give it a listen some time. :slight_smile:

A category called ‘So Hot I Shipped’ or something…?

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lol, exactly like that :slight_smile: And make it dollar signs: “$o hot I $hipped it”

there is the “made with juce” page on the webpage, could have a self-featured counterpart in the forum…


Thanks for sharing! You’re most welcome to share what you’re building with JUCE here, and we’ll relay on our social media as well.

Awesome, thanks!

I did a few more plugins:

Vocal tract emulator:

Sega Master System:

Commodore 64:

All on my website: