New JUCE Plugin released: CrispyTuner, vocal tuning plugin

People here seem to appreciate developers sharing their products made with JUCE, so here’s mine:

The CrispyTuner is a vocal tuning plugin (comparable to Antares Auto-Tune or Waves Tune) that is especially beginner-friendly, yet offers professional sound and features on par with comparable software!

It includes the ScaleFinder, a plugin that automatically detects a song’s key.

There’s a free, fully functional 7-day trial, so feel free check it out :wink:

Here are some screenshots:

Over the past 2 years, I went from total C++ (and JUCE) newbie to releasing these 2 plugins, which I’m incredibly happy about! I couldn’t have done it without the help on this forum, so thanks to everybody who’s helping out and sharing their knowledge with others :blush:


Looks great! Well done!

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Congratulations! :champagne:

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Looks great, and nice website too! Good work!

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Great looking plugin. Congrats!!!

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Yeah, looks very slick and pro, just a quick heads up for you though:

I couldn’t click on any of those in both Chrome and Firefox on macOS 10.15

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Wow, thank you very much for reporting… I must’ve broken it when I did a small change earlier. Fixed!

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Wow, looks so nice that I would consider trying/buying it… :grinning:
But as I’m a Pro Tools user I wonder if an AAX version is planed?

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I’m going to look into AAX in the next couple of days. Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

I went from total C++ (and JUCE) newbie to releasing these 2 plugins, which I’m incredibly happy about!

Congrats! That’s inspiring. The UI is fantastic, it looks like a lot of thought and effort went into keeping presentation clean and well prioritized. Good luck out there!

Wow, that interactive demo on the website is a great idea. Sounds good!


Great stuff, good to see your work finally being released :+1:

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The CrispyTuner and ScaleFinder now include a free 7-day trial, so if anyone wants to check it out without having to buy first, now’s your chance :grinning:

Hi CrushedPixel,

Well done on the plugin. I think that would be one of the hardest plugins to build. Amazing job.

As an ex long term auto-tune user, I have been wondering if there are white papers or published research on the rules for the pitch inflections at the start of a word. I am talking about the part you don’t want to flatten unless you believe in life after love. I have tried searching for such info. Any suggestions on where to look, without compromising any of your hard work.

If I understand correctly, you’re asking what kind of algorithm is used to determine the corrected pitch curve from the original input pitch? I haven’t found a whitepaper on that, I came up with my own algorithm that corrects the pitch towards the target note based on the “Tightness” and “Note Transition” parameters. Particularly the note transition setting specifies how quickly the output pitch gravitates towards the “perfect” note at the beginning of a word.

I will have a listen later. Sounds cool.

I am assuming that interactive demo is JUCE as well? Was there a straight forward guide that you found and can share for getting it compiled for web assembly?

The interactive demo actually consists of a lot of pre-rendered audio files (the tracks at different tuning strengths) that are cross-faded when you turn the tuning knob. It’s pure JavaScript (TypeScript), I’m using howler.js to handle audio playback.

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