New parameter tutorial(s)

i’d like to request more parameter tutorials. i only found this one and have problems with it:

  1. when i downloaded the files there was no slider in it, even though there is a gain-slider in the image, so i had to figure out how to send parameter-data to the processor myself. ok, that wasn’t too hard, but it can be improved, you know?

  2. i find it very unrepresentative to use a gain-slider that ranges between 0 and 1. it would be better to use this opportunity to also show the decibels-class. not only because it makes sense with gain sliders, but also

  3. to show how to handle parameters that don’t range between 0 and 1. because i currently try to figure out how that works. i saw some people use so called

  4. value trees. this seems to be quite a weird concept to grasp and the value tree tutorial is not specifically about parameters, so i think i’ll try to fix this with normal parameters for now. i just wanna finish my first project finally^^

  5. in a perfect parameter tutorial i’d like to see a convenient way to handle a parameter with unnormalized values that are supposed to show up in the gui and in the automation lane correctly while also being processed in the code just as expected

  6. i’d also like to know how to make unlinear parameters. i don’t mean with a skew-factor. i’m not into this triangle-kinda behaviour. i’d like to use log or pow (or any other function) to define the curve. i know this can be tricky because the gui has to show the same values than what’s happening, but i think at some point this will be important, for example for everything that has to do with frequencies.

edit: i deleted the part with my problem and rephrased it in a new post.

it sort of sounds like you have a little logic problem going on in your code, I would suggest start a new topic for this specific problem and include the relevant code, values snapping like you’ve noted suggests something like integer conversion or something is going on perhaps. Difficult to know without seeing code though.

ok i’ll start a new topic specifically about this problem and this post will be only about the feature requests from now on. i had put them in the same post because i don’t wanna spam the forum too much and the topics are related anyway. but i’ll do that now with code examples.