New plug-in launch platform: "Denise Rocket"

Hi devs!

Besides being a plug-in developer and Focal Press author, I’m part of a startup based in Berlin that is developing a new plug-in launch-platform for (indie) plug-in developers. The platform is called “Denise Rocket”.

On the one hand, we aim to provide plug-in developers with all the tools to commercially release plug-ins, such as copy-protection and subscriptions, distribution through the Denise online and DAW store, and detailed sales and user metrics. On the other hand, we aim to provide musicians, producers and DJs with a intuitive wrapper plug-in, which they can use inside their DAW of choice, to try-and-buy plug-ins instantly from the Denise store, and synchronise plug-in licenses, wish-lists and presets on different studio computers.

We have finished the MVP version of the Denise Rocket platform and are very curious about the feedback of other plug-in developers. Therefore, I was wondering if there are JUCE developers interested in having a first look at our website’s developer area, and tell the Denise team what you think?

You can use the invitation code mEarlyAccess2018 at and check out the Denise Rocket feature page.

Understanding the challenges plug-in developers encounter while releasing their product is very important for us in order to create a mature plug-in launch platform. So if you think Denise Rocket is an interesting concept, and you would like the opportunity to suggest additional features, we would like to give you early access to our developer program (press “click to join” at the features page). If you join, you get access to the accompanying forum where you can discuss the platform with me, the Denise team, and other plug-in developers. We hope to hear from you soon!

All the best,

JD and the Denise team


Sounds neat, I’m intrigued! With giants like Native Instruments, Waves, iZotope, etc. building their own license manager/updater packages this sounds like a great idea to allow indie developers to band together under one convenient platform which is more than just a standalone license manager or just a web store.

This sounds amazing!
Lots of talented developers with great products in hands get stuck on the “distribution” phase, whether for lack of funds to sign up for auth/license services, or not having the skills/time to set up an online store.

Congrats to the Denise team!!!

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