New System Questions

Hi there,

New to Juce so please excuse my questions. I hired someone complete a vsti project for me using VS and Juce. I got all the source code from them. When I open on my system in VS, there are tons of path errors. I know there must be a ton of variables why this is, and I just can't ask "how do I fix this"? But I am sure a lot of user here have had to use projects on different systems, could someone please give me an idea what I need to do?

I downloaded the latest Juce files put them in my c drive, and using VS2012 express. The original developer is "too busy". So, since I own the code, I would like to learn how to edit this.



There are probably (most definitely, actually) some additional dependencies around.
For example, in order to build VST plugins, JUCE needs the VST SDK headers visible in the include paths.