New Tutorials

Hi Juce Team, 


Just wanted to say the new tutorial content is fantastic. This for me is adding a huge selling point to JUCE (starting to rival the QT site for edu content!) they really are very well written. 

I don't want to start an onslaught of requests but I noticed feedback on the tutorials was requested. I think a brilliant and much sought after tutorial would be clarifying some techniques for passing data from the processBlock / AudioProcessor to the plugin editor / GUI. 

Any example of some lockless FIFO approaches (and clarifying/addressing thread like this would put a smile on many a JUCE user's face judging by the forums.

I'm looking into lockless FIFO's and message passing as well as VFlib(although VFlib might be a little beyond my understanding yet) and plan on adding an implementation into and example plugin for drawing filter response displays using paths and graphics classes that im looking to post up for others to check out in the next few weeks. But I'm failry sure the JUCE pro's would kick the A** out of my attempt. 


Just my two cents. 



Thank you for your nice words! We are in the process of adding many more tutorials including the ones you've mentioned. Stay tuned...

yes Good stuff



Thanks Fabian I will watch with baited breath for some tutorials along those lines. Great to see the way the forums are getting busier and all the support the JUCE team are providing. 





Thank you so much for these new tutorials. These would have been so helpful when I first started using JUCE. It's great that new users in the future will have these to get started, so thank you for that. I'm still pretty new to JUCE so this is actually helping me too. I haven't looked through all of them yet, but I'm already seeing some things I didn't know. I'm very excited to see what you guys do next. 

Thanks for the tutorials, these help me alot :)

Agree! Very nice that you made the tutorials. Big gain for first time JUCE users.