New user, codeblocks projects

Well, basically, I installed latest Codeblocks, Juce 7.05. The option to click the Codeblocks compile option is missing when selecting a project template in Projucer. Also, all of the compiler fields are empty in Debug/Release.

What do?

Sorry, forgot to mention, Windows 7 SP1. The other thing is, the OpenGL demo seems to run in software rendering mode (I did check the settings and tested the difference), though it’s an HD3000 IGP (I know, it’s amazing).

I know that this isn’t the answer you’re looking for, but I’d really recommend ditching Codeblocks and getting Visual Studio Community, CLion, or XCode. Codeblocks simply doesn’t cut it (or at least it didn’t the last time I used it), and you’ll be multiplying your output by several times if you switch to something better. Apart from anything else, you probably won’t find so many people here who can help you with Codeblocks.


Well I don’t really have issues with codeblocks, coded graphics,physics engines and things in it for a while. but I basically haven’t coded in nearly a decade. I really dislike how crap/bloated the MSVS installer is, and 2022 only runs in windows 10+.

Perhaps you can try Codelite? It works great with cmake based projects.

I’ll check it out, thanks for the mention. I mean, I’ve looked at like thousands of apps and things recently, very time-constrained. I mean, though I do appreciate some high level stuff (say, Unity), I’ve spent most of my time coding, coding C with basically C++ compilers, if you know what I mean (though not recently). MSVC 6 and visual assist still kicks ass probably. I have some serious issues with MSVS stuff after that.