Newbie can't find creation of theMainWindow in Demo

new to juce I’m debugging JuceDemo to get used to it. I run the demo on OSX 10.8.3 in XCode 4.6.2 and everything (except the AU problem) works fine. I dig into juce from the “START_JUCE_APPLICATION (JUCEDemoApplication)” Macro. I see the “theMainWindow” declared, but I could nowhere find it’s creation so far. All of a sudden (seems to me so), on the closing brace of “JUCEDemoAppliction()” I can see “theMainWindow(MainDemoWindow)” in the debug window. Now my questions: How does the app “know” the its main window is “MainDemoWindow” and where is it created. How should I do that when creating a new app using eclipse as IDE. There’s no introjucer for that task, as I understood.

THX in advance and
kind regards, Gerald

Hi all,
I’m sorry. As a long time java programmer i stumbled over “MainDemoWindow theMainWindow;”. I didn’t check that this is calling the default constructor - thought it was just the declaration. A second look in the “c++ language tutorial” helped :wink:

Anyway, is there someone using juce with eclipse on OSX who can give me a startup? I’m used to eclipse and there are many editing features that are much more convenient than xcode’s - to name the “Outline View” for example.

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