Newbie question, propagate mouse events or same layer

Basically my question in short is if there’s some good starting point to learn and understand the way mouse interaction events can be handled in a GUI with more than one “layer” or with some complexity so events needs to be directed to different components.

I’m trying to extend the last example from the Audio Thumbnail Tutorial [JUCE: Tutorial: Draw audio waveforms], that’s the AudioThumbnailTutorial_04.h file where an extra layer is added to catch mouse keyDown to move the playback cursor.
I’m trying to add yet another similar mouse interaction layer for creation of volume graph dots.
The idea is to create small ellipses in this volume layer, so these can catch keyDown when mouse is above. However I don’t get how to make both these layers responsive to mouseInteraction at the same time covering the same area. Lets say I want to use a modifier key to set playback curosor, doubleclick to create a volume dot and mousedonw/drag to move volume dots.
I’ve tried some combinations of things proposed here regarding mouse events but I find it confusing, I really don’t get how events propagate and can be directed and I didn’t find a tutorial either.