Newbie question


Hello all,


I'm new to Juce and need some help to get started. Juce looks like perfect for me since my intrest is mainly doing some audio/music creating stuff with c++.

I started to make a small program to create melodic patterns and sequences to be exported to midifile for a notation program like Sibelius.

I am stuck with creating key signature. There seams not to be a keySignatureMetaEvent or have I just missed it? Is there a way to creat a MetaEvent for keysignature? I feel really stupid to ask but I just have not found how to do this.


Looks like there isn't a method to create one - would be easy to add though. Bit busy right now, but will take a look at some point if I get chance. (Or you could suggest some code!)

If I chance timeSignatureMetaEvent


    const uint8 d[] = { 0xff, 0x59, 0x02, (uint8) sf, (uint8) mi}; // sf=number of sharps/flats -7 to7  mi= minor or major 

 return MidiMessage (d, 7, 0.0);

This is not working. I get a corrupted file when I open it in Sibelius.

I gues I need to change MidiMessage (d, 7, 0.0); parameters 2 and 3 but how?

MidiMessage (d, 5, 0.0) ?

Thank you! That works!

Ok, try the version that I just checked in and let me know if it doesn't work!

Looks like working well! Thank you!