Newbie Resizing questions


…well, from the point of view of someone who is a newbie to resizing. I’ve been working with Juce for a few years now…

I have a few questions about creating GUIs that are fully scalable:

  1. Is there example code that shows this in action?
  2. What classes should I be looking at using?
  3. How does one rescale the constants that are set in the LookAndFeel, like font sizes for text buttons and the like?


Sean Costello

P.S. My motivation for learning how to properly resize can be deduced from the caption of the image found at


I guess use drawFittedText to scale text, I think the Label’s do this by default and Component::setBounds (const RelativeRectangle& newBounds) which enables you to specify a string using relative markers to lay out your component, the docs have some good examples of how to use this. Just make sure you put all your sizing code in your resized() method for it to update accordingly.