NiallTunes music player

Hi all,

I realise the last thing the world needs is another music player app, but I couldn’t find one with the exact combination of features I wanted, so I wrote my own. Here’s a picture:

It plays all the Juce-supported file formats, as well as mp3s, courtesy of my hacky Audiere-based MP3AudioFormat class (also posted here). It uses PortAudio for the sound, since I wanted Jack support on Linux, and it uses id3lib for reading mp3 metadata.

You can get it here, if you’re interested.

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p.s. sorry about the name :oops: I’m useless at naming things…

Looks cool. What are the features that makes it special?

Well it’s not that special :oops:. I just wanted an alternative to Winamp on Windows. I quite like Rhythmbox and Quod Libet on Linux, but I don’t like how they offer no way to listen to a file without first adding it to your library. Since I tend to download quite a few MP3s from MP3 blogs (that I don’t necessarily have any desire to keep), I wanted something more like Winamp’s ability to quickly create (and get rid of) basic playlists, though without Winamp’s bloat. Hence the ‘Sandbox’ on the left.

I suppose the one relatively unique feature is the zooming album art display in the top right (clicking it zooms it to fill the window). Also, you can have images associated with individual files, as well as the usual Folder.jpg covering an entire album.

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I just tried it out, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to select your audio card. It just defaults to the first ASIO device I guess, which on my computer, isn’t connected right now.

Yeah, sorry. Since it’s primarily for my own use, I decided to keep the UI components to an absolute minimum (no menu, no buttons for adding/removing songs etc.), and it’ll just use the default DirectSound output device on Windows.

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You release the source of any of your stuff? I’ll port it to mac if you’re interested. I was going to write a similar thing from scratch.

ah, downloaded… saw the source in the .zip. I’ll keep you posted as to my progress.

Good luck! :wink: I think you might have some trouble with the Audiere library though, as there isn’t an OSX port for it. You might want to have a look at the MP3AudioFormat class G-Mon posted (here), which is (presumably?) easier to get working on a mac. The only other thing to watch for is the bit starting at line 134 in MainWindow.cpp where I’ve hard-coded which sound API to use - you’ll want to add a #elif to select paCoreAudio (I think) on OSX. Other than that the code should be entirely portable… (fingers crossed)

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