Nice codes from the tip (that nobody told you about)


Sometimes the Juce Team adds useful functionalities/codes, but they are not trumpeting about it, and you may miss them if you don’t follow the develop branch closely.

I start this thread so that we can mention them here.

The objective is to learn about some cool code snippets that have been added to Juce but slipped under our radar. That also might motivate people to use/test the tip, or update more frequently.


I’ll start with this really useful and recent addition from Jules :


damn, that is handy!


We’ve just added a lambda parameterisation of NormalisableRange, which makes it much more flexible.


Grid layouts!

Implemented from the CSS Grid Layout specification as described at:

(note that there is a ‘GridDemo’ in the juceDemo app)





Aligning or resizing a multiple-selection of components in the PROJUCER GUI Editor is now possible.

Also works in the Graphics tab.