No controller events in processBlock (VST only) - what can be wrong?

I work on a synth,  was testing it so far as AU. Today wanted to check VST.  Everything works fine except I can't get any midi CC, modulation or pitch mod events. processBlock gets only midi note related events.  Tested in Cubase and PH,  checked all of configs, spent 8h, going crazy... :)

Any idea what is going on here? Pleassee help!

Is it VST3? The VST3 spec doesn't allow controller events to go through as raw midi, the host converts them all to parameter changes.



Well it's actually VST3 spec not JUCE spec :]. 


btw. Can I build universal 32/64 bit vst's for OS X. Having some problems with that.



Yes, you can of course build universal binaries, that should work fine.