No file filtering in FileBrowserComponent with useTreeView

Creating a FileBrowserComponent with the useTreeView flag no longer respects the passed WildcardFileFilter.
Am I missing something?
It’s a recent change, but I haven’t been able to find which commit it is.

@attila commit where it loses file filtering

Thank you for reporting this, I’ll take a look ASAP.

A fix is now available on the develop branch

I confirm that the filter is working.
But it shows folders and files mixed up, in alphabetical order, but folders should be first. Is there a display option?

There isn’t, and I think you’re right, folders should come first so that it’s consistent with the other view modes and with the previous behaviour as well. I’ll look into it.

A change is now out on develop that restores the previous file ordering across OSes.

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Thanks, now it works as expected.