No I-beam in read-only TextEditor

A Read-only text editor does not change the cursor to an I-beam. It should, or else there is no visual feedback that selection is allowed. Furthermore, the accuracy of placing the selection starting point is worse with a regular pointer than it is with an I-beam.

I understand that certain people may think changing the cursor to an I-beam on a read-only TextEditor is a bad idea but let me point out that both Windows and Mac OS do this for selectable read-only text.

Well, my preference is for not having an i-beam. I guess I could be persuaded that if the component is clicked to focus it, then it could show an i-beam, but I don’t think it should have one when you casually move the mouse across a text editor in, for example, a message window.

I’m reading this as “I don’t think a Juce read only TextEditor should be behave the same way as every native platform static-text object which supports selection.”

But I would like to have the option (to behave the same way as widgets from Apple and Microsoft). Toggling a property on the control to get conforming behavior is fine. You said that you’d feel comfortable with requiring a click to get the conforming behavior, and that’s fine, as long as I can turn that part off (Apple and Microsoft widgets don’t require a click before displaying an I-beam).

Conclusion: I would like to set an option on a read-only TextEditor that makes it conform to selectable, read only static text controls from Apple and Microsoft.

Ok, well, I’ll have a think.

Better yet, try my demo app - it provides an interactive Lua console. Try selecting text in the read-only area and see how awkward it is:

LuaBridge Demo


Friendly reminder

Ok, I think I’ll change it.