No input level meter is shown with ASIO devices

When selecting an Asio device in the AudioDeviceSelectorComponent, no input level meter is shown. Is this on purpose? I see that the layout is different for Asio devices but it would be very helpful if either all device types had some sort of input level meter or if the input level meter could be disabled for all of them (then I could add my own level meter and put it in a wrapper component together with the AudioDeviceSelectorComponent)

PS for some reason when I tried to post my message here I got an error saying that the title is invalid (and that i should be more descriptive) when I use the name of the input level meter class in the title…

Did you enable some input channels? The device selector component doesn’t care whether it’s an ASIO device or not, it just hides the level meters if there aren’t any input channels for it to show.

Yes, I selected a single input channel.