No matching constructor for initialization of 'juce::ValueTree::AddOrRemoveChildAction'

I was wondering if anybody has ever gotten the error message

No matching constructor for initialization of 'juce::ValueTree::AddOrRemoveChildAction' on line 500 of juce_ValueTree.cpp  I just upgraded to XCode5.  We are using juce 1.53

One of the other developers here got the same compile problem, and was able to get around it by selecting iOS 6.1 as the base SDK.  He had to copy the iOS 6.1 SDK directories from XCode 4.6.3 into XCode 5.0  in order to select it.

I did the same thing, and for a while things were fine, but now this compile error has spontaneously reappeared and I can't get it to go away.  I have done clean builds, cleaned the build folder, emptied the derived data folder and even tried deleting the /var/folders directory.  But nothing has given me any success.

Has anybody encountered this problem or have any suggestions about how to get around it?