No response on mouse input in Projucer (or example projects)

Hi all.

Just downloaded JUCE ( I’m a newbie to Juce, and need some help here.

I’m testing with Fedora 24, using a Gnome desktop.

When starting JUCE/Projucer the expected window shows up. When moving the mouse across various buttons and
subviews (?), they get highlighted, but nothing happens when pushing the mouse-button. Same goes for menus, they (toplevel items) highlight, but no respons to clicking.

If i’m lucky, hitting Enter after highlighting a button/menu might do what i’d expect a mouse click to do.

Trying the same with “HelloWorld” and “Demo”, which builds fine, results in what seems the same behavior. Installing from git, and building Projucer there, same result.

The various included projects (including Projucer) builds wo. errors, and launches, but no response to input.

Any suggestions?

I’ve just tested this on a fresh Fedora 24 64 bit installation, but I’m afraid I can’t reproduce your problem.

Is there anything unusual about the machine you’re using?

Hi Tom, thanks for your response.

“T” == Tom Poole writes:

T> I've just tested this on a fresh Fedora 24 64 bit
T> installation, but I'm afraid I can't reproduce your problem.
T> Is there anything unusual about the machine you're using?

It’s a stock Lenovo Thinkpad T530, haven’t seen this behavior before.

The only thing i can think of is i’ve got some 32-bit versions of
various devel-packages installed alongside the regular 64-bit versions.
All these are installed from the standard repos w. dnf, and ending up in
the prescribed places - ie: /usr/lib for 32-bit, /usr/lib64 for the

It’s only mouse-down-click which doesn’t work, hovering over various
does highlight and display hints, mouse-wheel scrolling in the
"Project-folder" and “Target Platforms” seems ok, but nothing happens on

Any tips as to how to debug this using gdb would be welcome.

I’ll try with a VM i guess.


Hold on - Ctrl-Button-1 works it seems, doing what i’d expect Button-1
to do - holding down Ctrl i can navigate and create projects using the

That’s ok with me i guess, but perhaps something worth noting?