No Vertical Linear Bar in GUI Editor?

Hi all,
it seems that in GUI Editor Vertical Linear Bar is missing (only horizontal one is there).
Am i missing something?

Hi guys! I can’t find the Vertical version for Linear Bar in the GUI Editor…is it intentional? Or Jules only forgot to add it? thanks

Most likely just an oversight… This is way way down on our priority list so maybe if you’re in a hurry have a look in the code and see whether it’s a one-liner to fix it…?

Thanks Jules!
Do you mean in the generated code or in the Projucer sources?
Where are the relevant spots in Projucer for this issue?

No, I mean deep inside the projucer code for the GUI editor… projucer/ComponentEditor/ Good luck in there!

Thanks Jules!

Ok, now i’ve compiled the Projucer with added LinearBarVertical.
Should i share the new sources? Where?
Now i need to modify the gradient to be vertical and the text box to be vertical too.
Is that stuff in juce_LookAndFeel files?

You can share on here if you like, or email us… Whatever works for you!

Nope…better i send you an email. Too much text for forum post…

Uploaded on my Dropbox…

Cheers, will have a look when I get a moment!

cool. thnx