Noiiz JUCE module

Hey everyone, we’re considering building a JUCE module for Noiiz that would enable developers to access sounds on Noiiz, or content in users Noiiz library, from their app.

For us it’s a good way to introduce Noiiz to more people, for developers it enables them to extend the capabilities of their app and reach more people through our integrations page and promotions.

We’re really keen to hear your thoughts, especially with regards to what is important to you as a developer and what specific features you’d be looking for to make this appealing, as well as any questions or concerns you might have.

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


Zero additional dependencies, so, no Boost, Qt, ffmpeg, lame, ssh/ssl etc required to include/build/link separately. If something like that is absolutely required, include the sources in the module package and make it build statically together with the module code.


It would be great to keep it bare bones and allow the developer to use the data how they’d like. Something which is more focused around severing responses back from queries, where you guys handle any bottle necks concerns for the search API.

A great simple search API which could be easily added to the app, and then return file paths. Allow the plugin dev to determine what to do with these file paths. Allowing tags, filtering, etc.

If I built a sampler instrument, and Noiiz had an API such as this, I would strongly consider creating a browser around the API specifically for integrating with user’s noizz library. Unless there was a direct collaboration with the company, it would probably be a single tab, with the option to not be used, but it would really be an amazing way to enhance the UX of a sampler instrument.

Another considering would be to have a simple API which abstracts any SQL away from the dev, with the ability to also generate SQL queries on whatever database as well?

Anyways sounds like an amazing idea!

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For me, I think their needs to some sort of mutually beneficial relationship. If I build a feature, and drive users towards your product, what do the users and I get in return? Are the users able to get any samples with a free tier account? Do I get a cut of subscriptions that come from my app? How many users do you have that you’ll drive to my app.

I did have a Noiiz subscription, but I let it lapse. I probably would have used it more if it was better integrated with my DAW. So I think the juce module is a good idea, but it probably comes down to the business case on both sides.


Thanks! So from conversations we’ve had so far, it seems there are two schools of thought. 1. Create a more open api so I can build apps that integrate Noiiz content. 2. Create an sdk that handles the UI too so I can integrate Noiiz as quickly and easily as possible. I can see advantages to both!

Yeh absolutely. One idea is to offer a certain amount for free, then there’s also an option to offer an affiliate fee for users that sign up, although we’ve not really scoped this out fully. We’d probably also have an apps/integrations section on our site so developers would benefit from traffic we’d send to their website.