Non-Generic Properties for AU (seconds or SamplePosition)

Hi everybody,
In a AU plugin I need to specify a position on the timeline, so I was thinking to use a parameter in seconds.

a) Is it possible to use different property types like kAudioUnitParameterUnit_Seconds (in AudioToolbox/AudioUnitProperties.h : line 1237) - probably hacking JUCE is necessary…?

b) Does anybody have experience, if Logic and especially FinalCutProX provide a UI to work with these values? So I might be able to set them in the timeline?

Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

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While researching that, I realised, that the valueToText does not work in FinalCutProX:

In the this is never called in FCPX, but it is in Logic, if you open the automation graph:

FCPX uses the generic UI (called HUD-heads up display). But there only 0.0 … 1.0 with two digits are displayed. With the mouse it is probably impossible to move the slider finer anyway…

I added breakpoints in the valueToString, and they are never hit.

Is somebody around, who can have a look into that?