Non-legacy parameter system and AudioProcessorParameter Without ID

Is it okay to use AudioProcessorParameter (without ID) with the new (non-legacy) parameter system for now and forever, because it has a fallback which creates the ID from the index.

(I realize that parameter re-ordering isn’t possible with this, but i won’t do that.)


String AudioProcessor::getParameterID (int index)
    // Don't use getParamChecked here, as this must also work for legacy plug-ins
    if (auto* p = dynamic_cast<AudioProcessorParameterWithID*> (managedParameters[index]))
        return p->paramID;

    return String (index);

I have the same question, especially together with my findings, that not using the legacy parameters impact the features in FinalCutProXs automation graph:

Can’t think of anything that would not work.

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