Noob Build Question

OK, I have to admit I am making great progress on Android but I am bit of a noobish on the build process.


Right now I make changes in xcode for iOS and Android and then go over to terminal and do "Ant Debug" or "Ant Release" to build for Android then made an automater script so I can right click on the .apk file and choose "Install Android" and it does the "~/SDKs/android-sdk/platform-tools/adb install -r "$1"" with my apk.


The big question is how do I make it so when I do "Ant Debug" that it does not have to build everything? The project is quite large so this build takes roughly 3 minutes and is a pain when trying to test things out.


Secondly, is there an easier way to install an apk after building?


Thanks for any insights you guys have.





i run the command manually to install; adb -d install -r bin/whatever-release.apk