Not a valid win32 application?

I have just opened an account on Juce.

I am running Xp sp3. ,have visual studio 2008 and I am very much in keen learning mode.

I’m probably being stupid, but when I run intrjucer.exe I get    “not a valid win32 application”.

I hope I’m not going to be told my software is too old, as feeding the children come before upgrades at the moment.

Hope that someone can help.


Win XP is pretty old nowadays, I'm afraid! Since the precompiled version of introjucer is built with a recent version of MSVC it may not be backwards-compatible, but if you actually compile the introjucer yourself in your own version of VC then it might well stand a chance of running..

Probably the IntroJucer has been built with v110 toolset. It needs to be built with v110_xp to be able to run on XP.