Not able to accept privacy policy and EULA from within Projucer on Linux

I have Ubuntu 17.04 and downloaded the source of version 5 from GitHub and compiled the Projucer. After login, when I want to accept the privacy policy and EULA, it is not-clickable. Am I missing something?
Also, where are the configuration files located, where the Projucer stores the login credentials and other things?

This bug should be fixed on the develop branch now.

Could you provide me a link to the bug report? It seems either the bug is not yet fixed or I still don’t know how git works. Did I do anything wrong?
These are the (main) steps I have done:
git clone git checkout develop

This is the commit. The git commands you are using look good to me. Did you then re-compile the Projucer? You can also just re-download the binary from the juce website.

I recompiled it now from the develop branch, and tested the binary from the website. Nothing worked.
According to the description, the commit fixes a blank window but I cannot click on the “accept privacy policy and EULA”. The login works fine.

Now I have tried it on another computer and it works. After disabling the Paper GTK-Theme it also worked on my computer. Now that I know what causes the issue I will report it there.

Maybe you could give me or point to some information what was used in addition to libwebkit2gtk-4.0-dev in the Projucer in order to include it in the bug report.

Hi @temrix, I’m glad it works for you now. It’s odd that the Paper GTK-Theme could have such an impact on UI behaviour. For a list of further dependencies, please see this post.