Not able to see Post data with WebBrowsersComponent

I'm trying to send files with  WebBrowsersComponent to Node.js server.

I need to use WebBrowsersComponent since I need to create a session with the server (which involve keeping a cookie)
, so I use it with goToURL function . my function on the client side :


void MyClasst::uploadFile(File& file){
    const String& fileData = String("data=") + file.loadFileAsString();
    void* ptrData = (void*)fileData.toRawUTF8();
    MemoryBlock block(ptrData, fileData.getNumBytesAsUTF8());
    StringArray headers(String("fileName: ")+file.getFileName());
    m_WebBrowser.goToURL(UPLOAD_FILE_URL,&headers, &block);

in the node side , I try to print the request body, but it keeps give me empty objects . as if no data was sent.'/uploadFileNotForm',FileHandler.uploadFileNotForm);


    uploadFileNotForm : function(req,res){

after many attemps , I see  the the request does being redirected to the right function , but without the right headers and without the POST data (it printd req.body as '{}') . is something wrong with my  client code?