Not JUCE related: signing an iOS app from the command-line

I'm about to lose the rest of my hair.

In the past I've been able to use 'codesign' (via a helpful script called 'floatsign') to sign my application and bundle it into an 'ipa' file.  Then I was able to install onto an iOS device using 'fruitstrap'.  But now (when it's important) I am unable to get the ipa onto any device.

Using XCode, I get a 'application cannot be verified' message - even though 'codesign --verify' reports that everything's fine.

This, after I went through the process of removing my current certs and provisioning profiles and creating new ones and making sure the old ones weren't on the devices.  

really could use some help here, if any of you are familiar with doing these kinds of things from the command-line.


The issue was resolved; turns out the plist I was using was missing a line.  Would have been nice if some one of the Apple tools had told me that...