Not really juce > HTML5 Audio Synthesis


Hello all, not sure if this is the right place…

Audio Synthesis. In your browser.

These people over here are trying to add audiosynthesis to Firefox/HTML5 spec.

I found out about this reading this article at CDM, and downloaded a prerelease of Firefox that is capable of audio synthesis, so I could make appropriate “ooh” and “aah” sounds instead of just watching the videos.

I realise that you are all busy, but if it’s of interest, you might want to contribute to the discussion of the implementation of the API, given that you guys are doing this stuff all the time and could offer some insight.

There is a chance that this may fly in the face of your current project, and that you already knew about it.


It’s inevitable that browsers will eventually be able to do all this kind of stuff. Still seems like it’ll be a few years until there’s a standard for it though…