Noticed "importing C++ APIs" in upcoming SWIFT -blurb. Could this open the way for a future SWIFT wrapper for JUCE?

“So many others: Submodules, implicit promotions between numeric types, importing C++ APIs, hygenic macro system, guaranteed tail calls, making enums enumerable, typed ‘throws’, user defined attributes, abstract methods/classes, better SIMD support, ‘dynamic’ for non- at objc, data parallelism support, higher kinded types, …
Syntactic sugar: I won’t list them all, but there are a ton of other trivial to small proposals that frequently come up, typically things seen in other languages that solve specific problems. These are the lowest priority to tackle for Swift 4.”

Interesting. I enjoyed working with Swift, but got tired of the regular breaking API changes, plus the fact it adds 20mb to your app for the runtime.

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