NPAPI / DirectX without install


I’ve just started looking at NPAPI and DirectX browser plugins. Such a cool extra feature of Juce!!
I’ve searched the web and can’t find the answer, but it looks like the answer will be no…

Is there a way to store the NPAPI plugin on a web server, and the page call this plugin directly, rather than the user having to install the plugin? If not, is there any way to wrap an NPAPI plugin in another framework people generally have installed (such as Flash)? I would think most people would be apprehensive about installing a plugin from an unknown.

Many Thanks,

Yes, and rightly so!

Obviously no browser is going to let you just silently run native code in an NPAPI without going through some very clear installation processes first. The only tech that will allow embedded native code is NaCl, but that’s a whole new platform that juce doesn’t support yet (and it’s only on Chrome, of course).

Many thanks for a quick reply Jules, it makes a bit more sense now!