NTFS MFT recovery

Hi guys,

I have a second hard drive on which the MFT somehow got screwed. I would prefer to not lose the info on it if I can. most tools I found rely on the MFT mirror to be intact and recovering the MFT from that mirror. Somehow my mirror is screwed as well.

Does anyone know if there is a chance of me being able to rebuild the MFT, and are there any tools that might do the job?



Sounds nasty…

had the same problem, couldnt find any tools to fix the MFT.

But the data is there you just wont be able to reconstruct the filesystem structure, get some kind of a data recovery software (delted files etc) it will recover everything no problem, just dont do anything (especially writing) on the drive, and you should be able to revover all of the data.

best of luck, NTFS sucks, defrgamentation !!! who makes a modern FS that needs defragmentation, crap.