Occasional hang on startup from Xcode

I’ve observed (maybe 1 out of 5 runs) that my program gets stuck on startup and it seems to be inside a function called


If I pause the program in xCode, the stack trace always shows that it was stuck in the call

if (AudioFileGetGlobalInfo (kAudioFileGlobalInfo_AllExtensions, 0, 0, &sizeOfArray, &extensions) == noErr)

it is ALWAYS in this section of the code but when I continue running, everything works fine and program starts up fine.

I found an earlier thread about someone reporting a similar kind of hang and the answer was that it was related to GDB screwing up. However, this did not used to happen (seems to be new with xcode 9) and I’m wondering if this is still GDB or is there in fact a problem with CoreAudioCodecs on my system?

In particular, my dev partner who is running the exact same configuration on his machine never sees this problem (which would suggest that GDB is not the problem)

Any ideas?

I’m still seeing this … am I really the only one?